REPEAT AFTER ME: SELF LOVE IS THY GAME! Keep this Self Love Mantra close and inbed it in your brain with this Self Love Verse A4 Print. 100% of profits will be donated to Beat who help individuals struggling to live with eating disorders. 


The Verse:

My body, who art in turmoil.

Self Love be thy game.

Thy confidence will come,

Belief will be done,

Inside as it is outside.

Give us self worth,

And daily courage,

To forgive our self-sabotage,

As we forgive times we doubted ourselves,

And lead us not into self hatred,

But deliver us true love.

As my body is my kingdom,

My power and my glory,

Forever and ever,

I rock.

Self Love Verse A4 Print

  • 1 x A4 Print on 300gsm Card. Posted in a cardboard envelope.


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